#1 Stole / Silk x Cashmere

BATTAN BATTAN makes its debut with a collection of stoles that showcase the three members’ specialties and the allure of the materials at their best. The hope of delivering a refined moment of quality honed by tradition is encapsulated in the theme “Elegance and Harmony.” And silk and cashmere are selected for embodying the highest potential of the natural world. The process of translating these excellent materials into an item as simple as a stole has been a test of the creator’s technique and dedication.

Silk and Cashmere, Woven Together for the Ultimate in Comfort.
The Goal: A Velvet Stole Unlike Any the World Has Ever Seen.

I work with velvet fabric made with a focus on authentic materials, in pursuit of new forms of expression. Recently, much of my work has come to involve working directly with the designers at top luxury brands. Many ideas come from the process of working together to create these products — trying to meet surprising requests, or developing my own suggestions for unique fabrics and methods.
The idea for the fabric for this stole was built on these experiences: using the finest materials and bringing out the best of velvet’s texture and touch, in order to produce a stole unlike any the world has ever seen. The warp threads are cotton, while the weft threads are warm cashmere. For the pile, we used silk for its luster and softness. The result is a truly exceptional product, produced through much trial and error, that I hope to share with the world.

Product Name
500 mm wide × 1,800 mm long
45% cashmere, 40% silk, 15% cotton

Leno-Woven Cashmere for Stylish Elegance.
The World’s Finest Materials, Brought to Life with Delicate Weaving Techniques.

The leno weave is a weaving technique wherein pairs of warp threads are twisted together back and forth, and the weft threads are passed back and forth through the twists in the warp threads. The finished result is light and smooth with excellent breathability, ideal for many-layered clothing like Buddhist garments or summer kimonos. We combined this technique with cashmere, to give a refreshing feel to a material generally used for winter garments.
We used silk warp threads, and alternating silk and cashmere weft threads, to produce a result that combines the distinctive sheer feel of the leno weave with a crisp touch, yet with the delicate fuzziness and softness of cashmere.
The way that the weft threads are intertwined with the warp threads helps the weave retain its structure, ensuring it stays beautiful. Although thread for weaving is usually somewhat thicker than the kind used for knitting, we used high-grade, ultra-fine knitting thread for this.

Product Name
Refreshing leno
1,080 mm wide × 2,040 mm long
35% cashmere, 65% silk

Supremely Gorgeous and Comfortable for a Moment of True Bliss,
Made Possible by the NUREYOKO HABUTAE Weave Born of Fukui’s Climate.

Through this product, we hope to express the magnificent harmony of silk and cashmere, for a garment sure to bring bliss to the wearer.
NUREYOKO HABUTAE is a silk weaving method that combines habutae — in which thin warp threads are woven as untwisted parallel pairs with the weft threads — with NUREYOKO, a technique that uses moistened weft threads. This traditional method was inspired by the moist climate of Fukui, where it remains humid throughout the year. It was once used in fabrics woven for export to Europe and North America, but is now used primarily for kimono linings.
For this stole, we used silk for the warp threads, and silk and cashmere for the weft threads. Moistening the threads helps hold them together, to bring out the perfect balance of both materials as they are woven together into an item that is both gorgeous and comfortable. I look forward to sharing the joy of this combination of the finest natural materials and traditional techniques.

Product Name
Harmony Habutae
860 mm wide × 1,800 mm long
55% cashmere, 45% silk